Several Things That Terrify Me

•March 5, 2008 • 1 Comment

This week, I’ve seemed to run into several things that are really scary to me, a solid and pretty dedicated follower of Christ. The first is this entire phenomenon:

The second is this religion I have just recently seen making great strides into gaining new members:

I remember being a little kid and saying to my mom in the car, “I bet that Jesus will come back while I’m alive. The world is just so bad.” Seeing these things, it seems so much closer. If the thoughts of a “one world religion” coming are true, the Unitarian Universalist church seems like the one it could be. And the whole Oprah and the New Earth bit is just so freaky to me because sometimes it seems so close to right, but other times it is just so very, very wrong. I sometimes think that people who are searching for God could so easily be duped into the wrong stuff, especially by these movements that are doing everything that the Christian church should be doing – social justice, acts of service, true community, open and honest relationships, etc. It really all just scares me a bit. The end.


I Have Decided I Would Now Like to be a Dog

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I don’t think I have ever been as pampered as those puppies.

Yay for rain, but…

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denis phillips 

… boo for ABC News! Holy smokes. I taped a show I was really interested in watching tonight, and I found that I was becoming incredibly frustrated with this station the longer I watched. While the show was running, they would constantly cut to “Weather Updates.” Not the kind where the update scrolls on the bottom of the screen, not the kind that take up a portion of the screen, not even the kind that leave the show running in a little box in the corner. A full-blown, cut-away kind of weather update. I understand that it was raining, and yes the weather was more severe than normal (though it wasn’t as if a hurricane was coming) – in some areas. But you know what I noticed? They cut to the updates that were so important to the safety of the viewers only during the show, never during the commercials. As long as they made their money, the safety of the viewers was important. Just not important enough to keep the viewers and lose some cash. Too bad the weather didn’t get severe during the 10,000BC trailer I’ve seen about a zillion times tonight, they might have saved me from an overplayed commercial.

I guess I’ve been saying for a long time how the media is just out for your money (and sometimes your soul). Yet another example of the misleading media attempting to appear concerned about the viewers, when really it all comes down to their own profits and pocketbooks.


•February 21, 2008 • 1 Comment
Today I went to Target to buy some birthday cards for the youth group kids. On a random sidetrip (like I tend to have every time I go to Target), I started out by wandering through the toy aisles. It’s just really nice to walk down these aisles and see remnants of my own childhood (Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch Kids, My Little Pony, Lincoln Logs…). At any rate, I happened to find a really strange little toy. It was this very tiny little ostrich keychain. It caught my eye because it was an ostrich – I mean, who makes ostrich toys? I picked it up and looked at it closer and noticed the catchphrase on the package “Don’t stick your head in the sand!” Well, at that point, I had to go ahead and buy it.
“Why on earth would you want a tiny ostrich toy, Erica?” you ask. Let’s explain. I think that this toy completely lines up with some of the ongoing struggles I have had with the body of Christ lately. Go ahead and wander down this list of explanations of how I see our Body burying our little ostrich heads:
  • when it comes to the sins of our Christian family that we are called to hold accountable
  • when it comes to the sin in our own lives that we can’t own up to
  • when it comes to the problems in our own Body of Christ
  • when it comes to the world and what it will take to reach it
  • when it comes to those hurting and in need around us that we can’t find time/money for
  • when it comes to our own callings
  • when we know the right thing and refuse to do it because it’s just not “comfortable” or “convenient”

My list can probably go on, but you get the idea. I know I have been completely called on the carpet lately about some of the above, and it’s hard not to rail on those I come into contact with who are falling into the same pitfalls (whether purposely or accidentally). My challenge to you is simple: Don’t bury your head in the sand. Jesus never buried His head, doing everything uncomfortable and inconvenient with unabashed fervor. We are called to be like Christ. Let’s give up the ostrich game and live as we were meant to live.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

•February 14, 2008 • 1 Comment


Unfortunately for me, not so happy. I’m sick as a dog (though I don’t really know many dogs that have seemed this sick). I’ve spent the last month preparing for our youth trip to the Palm Terrace Assisted Living Facility by having valentine’s made (by our youth), poem cards created (by our youth), plush animals purchased, etc. But today, I had the opportunity to instead go to the church, get everything organized for the trip, drive the kids there… and then go home while all the fun parts happened. Yes, I know I’m whining. But it made me sad.

However, to turn a negative attitude in a positive direction, we had a whole load of youth show up to help, and they weren’t all our “normal,” every-Thursday attenders. It was good to see so many youth with willing hearts giving up their time on Valentine’s Day to show love to those who may not get much love any day. And it was good to know there were adults who not only love our youth, but were willing to take over the event and forgive me running off to go lay back down. So, they’re still there now, handing out plushies and poems and valentines. I’m gonna go lay back down and rest, maybe pray for them a bit, and thank God that I have the youth and leaders I have. What a great bunch of people. Yay to all ya’ll who showed up to help! You’re awesome!

An Incredibly Sad Moment

•January 23, 2008 • 3 Comments


The loss of life is a sad thing. The loss of a life filled with unexplored talent is a different level of sadness altogether. And as I’m sure it’s being said all over the internet, Heath Ledger was filled with talent. To lose someone who has brought so many moments of entertainment to my life is very sad. And I know many of you out there reading this think I’m being a bit melodramatic, or “how could she really care that much about an actor killing himself?” To be honest, I don’t really know how to explain it. I just know that upon hearing of his death, my heart has been gripped in a consuming sadness for both his own struggles before his death, and the loss of “life” that he brought to so many films I enjoyed.

The loss of life is a sad thing and I will miss Heath Ledger. It would be easy to spiral into a blog conversation about how this could have been prevented and how we, as Christians, should be doing everything to help others while there’s time, etc., but for this moment I just want to be quiet.

Today’s one of those days…

•January 13, 2008 • 2 Comments

… that I need to remember when I’m feeling down. The kids today were great, the youth today were great, everyone was behaving and responding and reacting and engaging. I had kids singing and signing who normally make us happy if they even stay standing. I had youth laughing and gasping at videos. There was eye contact! I had people signing up for upcoming events who didn’t even used to come to youth group!

These are the days I remember why I love working in ministry. Yay for God and yay for people “getting it!”  🙂