Shock Advertising


I almost didn’t want to post about this, because this is exactly what advertising schemes like this are meant to do, but the need to warn families once more of the idiocy of television overwhelmed me. I’ve written about the tv show “Gossip Girl” in the past (HERE and HERE), but I just want to again restate the inappropriateness of this show for kids and teens. What brings on this new onslaught of irritation from his show? Let’s take a look at their new advertising campaign…



 It’s almost too much making me angry at one time to notice all of it. There’s this overabundance of the word “sex,” the images of people making out (2 girls even!), teens actually in the act of having sex, the fact that they are all underage, and then they throw in the “OMFG.” For those of you out there who are a little less up on the internet lingo, “omfg” refers to initials spelling out “oh my f****** God.”

What makes this all worse is that, according to multiple sites, this show is missing its target audience (18-34 years old) and instead is attracting the majority of its watchers from the 12-17 age range. That’s just not good. But, in their infinite wisdom, the network is now making an effort to make the show racier and darker in order to attract the original target range (or they lose their time slot). So now, even more sex and inappropriate events are being added in to increase the older viewers watching. I understand the concept, but do they understand that they will now be showing much more crap to preteens and teens who don’t need to be seeing it (but who will continue to watch the show because they’re already hooked by previous episodes and the teen books)? They’ve missed their target audience and hit another, but rather than adjusting that direction, they are adjusting the wrong way, making these young viewers even more exposed to the overly prevalent underage sex and drugs they already experience.

It really makes me sick to my stomach. And I’m sick of people saying “well, that’s just what tv is like” or “well, it’s like that everywhere.” Yeah, it may be – but that doesn’t make it okay. It doesn’t make it appropriate and it doesn’t give us the right to accept it without outrage. It’s so frustrating that we try to instill good things in our kids in a world that’s spewing so much bad, and then we don’t seem to have any say in what’s out there that they’re facing as “entertainment.”


~ by Erica Ares on April 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Shock Advertising”

  1. I am thrilled to see someone else who ‘really’ cares about their children. I hate seeing the commercials on shows that are geared towards children and I hate the language they use now. You can get away with using almost any curse words today in commercials. I hate it and I know my kids hate it too.

    I’m thinking about getting a petition together for the FCC to stop this nonsense. What do you think?

  2. Just my 2 cents worth to the above response but while the petition to the FCC can’t hurt but I would try to hit them where it hurt a bit more…in the pocket. Get that same petition full of as many names as you can and then send it to the network with a letter saying that none of you are going to watch their programming while that show is aired AND that you are sending copies of that to all of their advertiser as well.

  3. ZOMG can u plz post again!? or at least take down teh first pic! LOLZ!

  4. Your useless petition will do nohting. Sex sells, and its only going to sell more as the boundaries of whats acceptable will continue to be pushed.

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