Hello from Georgia!


Okay, so Georgia isn’t much of a trip from Tampa, but hey – it doesn’t need to be far to be good! Tomorrow I get to wake up, chill out a bit, then head to the Soul Shaper Retreat. I’ve never done this particular retreat thing before, but it will sure be great to have some time to reconnect with Jesus and relate with some other youth leaders. If you’re a youth leader and you’re not taking time to be with God and go to conventions and learn more (because trust me, there’s a LOT you don’t know – I used to think I knew it all, too), you are COMPLETELY missing out.

At any rate, I had a rather uneventful drive here, but I learned some things about myself in the process. Check this out:

  • I don’t just hum along with songs in my car, I absolutely belt them out. Today’s loudest beltings consisted of a few by Ben Folds (esp. “Wandering”) and some Jimmy Needham (esp. “For Freedom”). I also often pretend I’m holding a microphone. Which is incredibly safe while driving.

  • I really love the moment when you go into a car wash and that tri-color foam spray stuff completely covers your car and suddenly you can’t hear anything outside; everything gets muffled and quiet and peaceful. I always turn the music off when I’m getting a car wash because I really get car washes for those few seconds of peace, not for a cleaner car.

  • Oh, which also leads me to something else I learned, though not about myself. My car trunk still leaks, despite previous beliefs that it was fixed. It just no longer leaks on the left side – it now leaks in the middle. Which today happened to be where my pillow was.

  • Finally, the last thing I learned today is that I really enjoy post-apocalyptic storylines. Kinda weird, I know. I’m reading (by way of audiobook during my long drives) “Armageddon’s Children” by Terry Brooks, which explores the idea of a world that has been nearly destroyed by demons and once-men and details the fight put forth by the “knights of the Word” to save the remnants of humanity. I enjoyed the concepts in Stephen King’s “The Cell,” though I always hate the endings to his books – too trite, unresolved, or just badly written. I thought that the ideas put forth in movies like “28 Days Later” and “Waterworld” were really interesting. Not sure where this strange entertainment factor for me comes from.

Anyways, I’m in a rockin’ hotel room for this one night before heading to the retreat center in the morning. Just for the record, Holiday Inn Express is a much more awesome hotel than you might think. They even have jacuzzi rooms!  🙂  Of course, I felt kinda weird in a heart-shaped jacuzzi. But that lasted for about 30 seconds, and I was over it.  🙂


I’ll blog again soon! Keep me in your prayers for this trip (there’s an awful lot of walking and I’m still all gimpy in the knee). And Mike and Missy as they drive up on their Greyhound Thursday night. And Stacey and her friend as they come down from New Jersey to meet us. I know God has great things planned – He’s opened a bunch of doors for us all to be here, so we’re keeping our eyes and hearts open.

PS – Random question – are you a sniffer? I went to Walmart because I forgot my hair conditioner at home, and I was sniffing new kinds to see which one I’d get. I managed to shoot hair conditioner up my nose, which luckily I was able to play off really fast before anyone actually noticed. But my nose hairs are now silky soft. 🙂


~ by Erica Ares on November 13, 2007.

One Response to “Hello from Georgia!”

  1. I’m definitely a sniffer. I sniff all the products in my bathroom which is used by more than 9 girls. I usually avoid conditioner in the nose though. The conference sounds great. We start a leadership conference taught by Ben Mesner on Tuesday and I am super excited. Give my best to everyone. GB.

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