Warning to All Parents Out There

Wow, I really need to go to bed, but having just watched this show, I feel a HUGE warning is necessary. This is a warning to all parents of teens, preteens, and kids who are trying to be “all grown up.” This warning is especially for parents of girls, but can extend to boys almost as easily.

Have you heard of “Gossip Girl?” Having begun as an incredibly popular teen/preteen book series that has been incredibly well-read (so much so that it’s been top on the NY lists), it’s now been created and released by the good ‘ole CW network. Warning bells went off in my head just from reading the backs of the books at Target (a favorite pastime of mine), so of course when I saw a million commercials for the new series, I had to tape it. It easily has potential to be incredibly popular among many of the kids I teach. Here, take a look at the preview. Kick back, relax, and let your mind wrap around the ickyness that is Gossip Girl. 

 “I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s a pretty fabulous life.” Ack! Okay, so hopefully you watched that and reacted with some trepidation about the series. If not, I just don’t even know what to say to you. But this should help: in the premiere tonight, there were teens smoking lots of pot, teens drinking all kinds of alcohol and getting drunk, a slimy guy who pretty much tries to force himself on several girls, more materialism than I could actually attempt to list, and even a rather extended steamy sex scene that happens in a bar on a barstool, evidently following some more alcohol. Oh, not to mention the fact that this show only encourages and reinforces ALL the negative stereotypes of the “typical teenager” that I absolutely abhor (and if you don’t know what I mean, read my last post). How incredibly infuriating.

What bothers me is not that teens will watch this. Of course they will. Gossip Girl has the most attractive cast on earth -all rich and pretty and super-privileged. The show’s been marketed like mad. Probably lots of girls have already read the books. What bothers me is that we’re in a society that not only allows this kind of crap, but condones and encourages and sells it. That is what makes me sick.

So, there’s your warning. If you’re letting your kids watch this kind of stuff (be it this show, or others of equal – or worse – morality), watch it with them. Discuss it with them. Help shape your teens’ thinking because, as I’ve said before – teens are not the stereotypes our world makes them out to be. Let’s help our kids grow in Christ with minds that think and analyze what they’re putting in their heads, rather than be molded by the crap they’re being fed by the media.


~ by Erica Ares on September 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Warning to All Parents Out There”

  1. Erica,
    I hope all the parents out there listen to your warning. Unfortunately, most of the TV shows & movies share the same lack of values. We need to pray that adults realize the example they are setting for young people by condoning the wrong beliefs and values.

  2. Erica, you rock!

  3. […] me. I’ve written about the tv show “Gossip Girl” in the past (HERE and HERE), but I just want to again restate the inappropriateness of this show for kids and teens. What […]

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